Ayurveda * Pilates * Lachen

जो काम आपको अच्छा लगता है उसे करें तथा जो कुछ आप करते हैं उससे प्रेम करें

Namasté - I am Frank Felten and I have found 3 "diamonds" in my life, which became my beloved and conscious essences:

  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy
  • Pilates
  • Laughter Yoga

Kusum Modak´s Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy 

Do you want to receive a real special treatment?

Experience the connection of the two ancient traditions ayurveda and yoga in this unique and effective treatment therapy. In my numerous courses in India I have learned to give mindful, conscious and devotedly sessions and flow with my receiver through the yoga based stretchings (by B.K.S. Iyengar). Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy (AYMT) was developed in the early 1980s by Master Kusum Modak of Pune, India, and has since that then spread throughout the world. I had the honor to learn it from Dr. Taruna Sanjivani and Kusum in India: www.sahasibreastcare.org

Throughout the procedure of 75-90 minutes of therapy, alternating elements of deep tissue massage using valuable sesame oil and herbal powder, various yoga expansions and breathing techniques are used in turn. The result of this ingenious combination is the individual "opening" in the depth of the body. That means, the complete release of physical tension while dissolving mental and physical blockades. This improves the flexibility of the spine. The body is virtually re-adjusted, centered and the tissue is detoxified. Inviting the healing from deepest core.

The deep breathing stimulates the flow of life energy (Prana). Prana helps the body to stay in consonance and harmony.

  • Prices: 75 minutes 70 € / 90 minutes 80 €

जो   काम   आपको   अच्छा   लगता   है   उसे   करें   तथा   जो   कुछ   आप   करते   हैं   उससे   प्रेम   करें


Almost everyone knows this successful and effective body & mind method.

It strengthens abdomen and back, provides a graceful posture, a strong core and a health-promoting smoothness. Pilates teaches mindfulness, conscious handling of the body & breathing and gives a new body feeling.

I got to know the intelligent and ingenious method in 2005 and selected one of the best and most successful training institutes in the world for my education: www.polestarpilates.de 

Since then, I am a real fan of this method and lead groups and individual personal trainings, educations and workshops around the world. Pilates is my great passion! I work for the most important and largest health & medical fairs worldwide as an international presenter for Sissel / Novacare www.sissel.de and Polestar Pilates. And I am proud to be one of the Sissel Academy Master Trainers www.sissel-academy.com

Since 2007 I teach in the amazing Springs Pilates Studio in Cologne, which is the number one address in Germany for pilates since its founding in 2002: www.springs-koeln.de

  • Price for one individual personal training 80 € / 10 tickets 720 € / workshop prices on request

In 2015 I expanded my body, mind & spirit knowledge in India, where I participated in a yoga teacher education: www.trimurtiyoga.com

जो   काम   आपको   अच्छा   लगता   है   उसे   करें   तथा   जो   कुछ   आप   करते   हैं   उससे   प्रेम   करें

Laughter Yoga

When was the last time you laughed?

With hearty and unrestrained laughter our body releases happiness hormones (endorphins and dopamine). Since 2012 I laugh at events, in companies, studios, at summer festivals, in schools & hospitals, during incentives and events. A sustainable experience and great fun! 

I did my training with Ela Narjes www.elanarjes.de - Germany's leading laughter expert.

Laughing is healthy! As a cheerful nature born near Cologne, I already liked to laugh often. Laughter means healing what I experienced myself. "Gelotology" is a relatively young science that deals with the successes and positive effects of laughter.

Laughter inspires, relaxes and brings us into the very present moment. By laughing, we come into contact with our inner child.

My Laughter Yoga classes are a colorful mix of exercises, games, music and surprises. Always full of creativity and spontaneity. With the final laughter meditation we dive together in a state of bliss.

  • I am happy to send you an individual price quote - ask for company packages
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